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    Aluminium Pilfer Proof Cap

    Main advantage : made of special aluminium alloy sheet, durable against to all weathers & steady quality. The liner made by the top quality PE foaming liner complied with national foods & drugs package materials safety standard. Keeping the natural taste, steady removal torque & perfect Application : the 22 mm. - 53 mm. diameter bottle finish of plastic bottle & glass bottle, Pilfer-proof, prevention from mischief, the closure can prevent cap being opened to assure the safety.

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    Aluminium Cap Seals and Flip-Off Cap

    Application : injection drugs & animal drugs etc. Aluminium cap seals : Can be printed and electroplated for beautiful outlook to increase the value of products. Heat resistant with powerful disinfection stable & perfect quality Flip-off cap : The plastic on the top can prevent cap from being polluted to assure the safety of the content. With perfect design, the plastic surface is completely matched to the aluminum cap seal and easy to pull up.

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    Screw Metal Cap

    Main advantages : Can be rotated several times for convenient & safe usage. Adopted with deluxe tinplate or aluminum sheet, colorful printing, rust prevention of inside cap, heat resistant and all perfect treatment. The liner complied with national safety standard, perfect sealing effect, stable quality clean and safe warranty.

    Application : Be suitable for the general tablet medicine, food such as chili pate jam etc.

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    Metal Lug Cap (RTO 63 mm. MTO 30 mm.)

    Features :
    1. For tightly sealing. The design of lug can precisely meet the specification of the bottle thread, Which also benefits to handle while twisted off/on
    2. The liner is high-temperature resistance, to keep product in proper & vaccumed condition.
    3. More safety than others for product.
    4. The outlook could be shiny and remarkable after printing. The inner side is also through the coating of unit-corrosion, to ensure the quality of product.